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URGE Gone? What's next?
Enthusiast - Level 2

I know it's not FIOS's fault, but what timing!  I just signed up for a 2 year plan on Aug 1 and right after my 30 day cancellation period was up, there goes one more of my reasons to go with FIOS over Cox.  I do listen to the music channels on TV and always have.  I have different music tastes then some, so I don't like a lot of the music on Music Choice, except the Blues and Jazz channels.  URGE having a Bluegrass, it was AWESOME!  Plus nothing relaxes a person and helps a person go to sleep better than the Meditation and Dream Sequence channels.  I don't see anything like that on Music Choice or the Internet Radio.

Unfortunately, this is just one of many problems I've had with FIOS since signing up.  I still can't order Pay-per-view without spending a half-hour on hold on the phone.  It won't let me over the TV and the FIOS website doesn't list the standard UFC PPV, only the HD.  Three request for Tech Support to call me hasn't done anything.  NO ONE EVER CALLS!  I've tried sitting on hold for Tech Support a couple of times, but there is no time estimate given on hold and after a half-hour, I give up.  Does anyone actually work at Tech Support - maybe that is one of the problems!

When I do get the PPV ordered over the phone, it doesn't come up on the box that I've ordered it, so I'm not sure if the order actually went through.  Plus I can't set the DVR to record it unless I'm there at the time it starts.

The Menus on my boxes has an incredible lag to it and sometimes doesn't even pick up the signal even with the remote pointed straight at it.

The pause function for live TV absolutely sucks!!!  Plenty of other posts on this board about that, so we won't go into it.

Almost everyone I talk to at FIOS seems to not be very well trained and basically clueless.  Ask three different people, get three different answers.

When I signed up for the service, I was told that if there was a new wire needed to be run, then that was included with the 3 free lines to install.  The installer gets there and wants $55 a piece!  I told him we could either reschedule or he could wait for me to do it myself, since that is the business I am in and no way I was paying him to do it. 

I run my own business as a licensed contractor.  I do dozens of installations per year, in new and existing homes, for structured wiring and home theatres.  I started to refer people this past month to go with FIOS instead of Cox, because of some of the cool features like the widgets and extra HD channels.  But I am changing my story.  In fact, I will be contacting the people I referred to FIOS to URGE them to cancel before their 30 days is up.  Now when people ask me which to go with, I will tell them that FIOS has SERIOUS problems with their service & equipment, don't have a consistent channel lineup, and their people aren't well trained enough to believe anything they say.  Sign up with Cox and wait a couple of years to see if FIOS ever gets their act together.  They can call me and I'll let them know, since for a $400 cancellation fee, I'm stuck now!