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Web Access for Single Room DVR
Enthusiast - Level 1

I switched my multi-room (web access enabled) DVR for a Single Room DVR (with bigger Drive), having been informed that the ONLY difference between Multi and Single room DVR is - you guessed it, you can't access DVR from another STB.

So, when I went to Enable DVR for Web access, it does not work and Tech. Support claims that Web Access is ONLY for Multi-Room DVR.  How can this be when its advertised that DVR's have WEB access?

Re: Web Access for Single Room DVR
Contributor - Level 3
Hello jagmati,

I apologize for the difficulty that you are having. I sent you a private message in reference.


Shamika_Vz Verizon Support

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Re: Web Access for Single Room DVR

Why can't i access my DVR, via the web MyVerizon?  i am not exagerating when i say i can only access it 5% of the time.  it's powered on, it's recognized on the MyVerizon site but 95% of the time i can't schedule a program thru the TV listings page, view/delete recorded programs, modify ... nothing except an error message that it can't talk to my STB DVR.  it's powered on, i've enabled remote access thru the FiOS options menu.  i've had FiOS now going on 3 years and this issue is constant..  every attempt to resolve this issue has FAILED.  i've gone thru 3 STB DVR's, testing with engineer's; the whole gamut.  Why even advertise/promise a feature that i pay for if it doesn't work?

i stopped trying to fix the problem because it never gets fixed!!!!

has there been new firmware for my STB DVR?  is the web site a Potemkin village?

talk to me.

Re: Web Access for Single Room DVR
Enthusiast - Level 3

Just curious, what is your router version, and have you swapped out for a later version?  I had a similar problem last year and getting a newer version (the latest n capable version wasn't necessary) seemed to solve the problem for me.  I say "seemed to" because I do know there was work done by Verizon on the "back-end" while diagnosing the problem with me.  Thus I can't be certain that simply changing the router solved the problem.