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Re: When will Fios have a New Multi (more then 2) Turner DVR?
Contributor - Level 1

Funny I used to have Cablevision before the cloud came.  I heard it was in beata at that time and people were annoyed about the fast foward.  I now have fios with multiroom dvr. Have you noticed that with Fios Free On demand. Some stations allow fast forward and some dont.  Manly the major networks.   Yet a relative that has OTA (antenna) dvr can fast foward all the channels.  Seems unfair to have different rules or any rules for that matter. 

The ability for this new server to stream to ipads.  Is very interesting.  I always hated moving my treadmill to watch tv. With this new invation. I can put the ipad on the treadmill with velcro. 

But I really just want more tuners to record shows.  Two just does not cut it.  Everything else really is not that important.

Re: When will Fios have a New Multi (more then 2) Turner DVR?
Master - Level 2

I'm not a fan of cablevision.  I always had a lot of problems with their service.  Changing channels or using the guide was terrible, Internet speeds are not that fast and the phone service echoed a lot or garbled.  I had them out 3 times for repair and they had no idea what was wrong.  The tech ran a wire from the pole directly into the TV and I could reproduce the problem for him every time.  He said sorry dude, not sure what to tell you.  It was that time I left and never went back. Cablevision offers one really useful feature, Their hotspots around Long Island are nice.  There is a way around that so its all good.

Anyway my understanding is VZ is being told from the stations to only allow slow FF or disable it.  Now, if you can get it OTA and ff that is NOT fair.

Time to wait for CES in a few weeks and see if anything comes out of that.

Re: When will Fios have a New Multi (more then 2) Turner DVR?
Enthusiast - Level 2

Don't forget, Google bought Motorola a while ago and then Google just this week sold off it's DVR division to someone else.  That should hold thinks up even more.

Re: When will Fios have a New Multi (more then 2) Turner DVR?
Specialist - Level 1

Another year another delay. The six tuner dvr is still being held up thanks to that legal action that the fcc has taken against verizon where it is one of many lawsuits that the fcc has filed against verizon. There is the one that has delayed the six tuner dvr and then there is the net neutrality one just to name a couple of the lawsuits. You would think given verizon's cooperation with the nsa that the fcc would give them a break on the six tuner hold up but as of yet it has not happened. The new rumored date is not until valentine's day although miracles do happen so perhaps verizon will finally realize they are the last company out there with a 2 tuner dvr. With the nba and nhl seasons around the corner along with college sports season a dvr with more than 2 tuners on it is very important for people especially if they have a big family where everyone in that household has different viewing habits. Now before people decide to go to directv people should know their dvrs do not have the ability to bring back a deleted show. Verizon and tivo do but not the directv dvr unless you get one of those tivo dvrs that directv offers. Then there is the issue with weather that will interrupt your signal if it rains, snows or if a plane is passing by. If you live in california near a area where there are a lot of wildfires then you should know if a fire burns down your home directv will charge you for that equipment that was lost in the fire because according to them you should have taken the necessary steps to protect it. It has been a standard practice of theirs for years now and some guy in colorado exposed it after his home burned down and he told the media about it. Google "colorado wildfire directv" to see the story. In the meantime verizon customers are going to have to wait probably another six months before they see their provider finally try to offer what the competition has. Comcast released a six tuner dvr and fios is supposed to be more advanced than them but on this issue verizon is unable to match what they have to offer.

Re: When will Fios have a New Multi (more then 2) Turner DVR?
Specialist - Level 2

@mm1 wrote:

Then there is the issue...that will interrupt your signal if a plane is passing by. 

That is one of the stupidest claims I've seen on an internet message board, which is saying something. I live along the flight path to a couple airports in my area - Newark International, Teterboro - and with the volume of planes that soar by, I'd be losing my Directv signal every minute or so if that claim was even remotely accurate. Ridiculous.