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dropping bloomberg TV
Enthusiast - Level 1

It's Dec 7 and Verizon just notified us via email that Bloomberg TV (ch 604) would be dropped. on Dec 8!

I like this station and it is not the same as their mobile offerings.  I am disturbed that Verizon is reducing my service 

Bloomberg TV will be removed from the Fios® TV channel lineup - NEED TO REVERSE THIS DECISION
Enthusiast - Level 1

I just received email informing of the above must be kidding!!!  Bloomberg TV has some of the best quality business, technology and other news content available. I watch Bloomberg TV live on various TVs throughout my house for hours every day, and to have to mess around with an app that only easily permits viewing on small iPad/ computer screens is ridiculous.  I pay Verizon so I can access good content, and if you need to pay Bloomberg some reasonable price to access content so be it.  You guys need to rethink/ reverse this.

Re: dropping bloomberg TV
Enthusiast - Level 1

Agreed, this is a terrible decision.    What is more, the message from Verizon implies the problem is Bloomberg has a free livestream online.   The Verizon telling networks they can't offer a free livestream and still be part of the Verizon channel line up?

Re: Bloomberg TV will be removed from the Fios® TV channel lineup - NEED TO REVERSE THIS DECISION
Enthusiast - Level 1

Agree completely.

losing access to Bloomberg News
Enthusiast - Level 1

I am appalled that we are losing Bloomberg because verizon doesn't want to pay for its content.  Really?  I don't want sports and yet I have to a huge fee every month for a bunch of football and other games which I never watch and yet one of the best news channels is being cancelled.  You are appallling.  Why don't you start asking your clients what we want to watch and give us some choices. 

bloomberg drop
Enthusiast - Level 1

an inordinate amount of my time in front of the t.v. screen is allotted to watching bloomberg. i seriously doubt i will be renewing my service contract if this station is dropped.

Re: dropping bloomberg TV
Enthusiast - Level 1

A few years ago, Verizon dropped the Weather Channel.  We live in the Northeast, and this forced us to begin watching the weather channel online.  Now, they are dropping Bloombeg, one of our favorite networks.  I just renewed with FIOS, but I soon will make a different decision.  Forcing me to stream my content online is only showing me how easy and affordable that is and is leading me to choose one of the many options besides cable

Re: bloomberg drop
Enthusiast - Level 1

This is a deal breaker for us.  We will definitely be leaving the FIOS family.  The one day notice was particularly bad.  FIOS gave its customers no chance to provide feedback before making this unfortunate decision.  Time to buy stock in Cablevision.   Cut the sports and let us keep Bloomberg.

Re: losing access to Bloomberg News
Super User
Super User

This appears to be a NY area only issue.

I ahve not received an email about Bloomberg being dropped.

As for sports, you can choose pacakages that don't have sports to avoid those fees.

We all have to pay for channels that are part of our package we don't want or watch.

Verizon makes these choices (like they did with Weather channel) based on their costs and the amount of people that watch.

To tell you the truth, I didn't even realize we had Bloomberg.

And it may be the same with channels I watch and you don't.

bloomberg news
Enthusiast - Level 1

I am very unhappy that FIOS is dropping Bloomberg News.  It is one of the few unbiased sources of news available on Fios.  Would rather see you drop some of those fake news channels that are nothing more than propaganda machines for Trump and his followers.