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Re: regional sports network fee
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Who else is upset that Verizon fios continues to charge us every month for regional sports network fee even if you don't  want any sports channels? Adding insult to injury they now charge $6.39 instead of $2.42! This should be paid for by only those who want sports channels! Verizon must stop this AND refund monies!

I agree with you.  That's why I have the custom programming and picked "drama" instead of sports.  You should do the same, chose the Custom TV Infotainment & "Drama or other package" if it say Custom TV & Sport <- which has ESPN you will pay the regional sports network fee.

So right now the only fee's i'm paying is the 

-Video Franchise Fee $2.63

-PEG Grant Fee $1.58

-RegulatoryRecovery Fee - Federal  $ 0.08

-Fios TV Broadcast Fee - $3.49

                                          Subtotal $7.78

it is still upsetting that these exact charge aren't listed on their promotional cost ads

Re: regional sports network fee

This fee is $12.89 on my current bill. Its False advertising to say the bundle at $59.99 includes these sports channels and then charge an additional $12.89 for those very same channels. Thats lying about the true cost fo the bundle! I'm furious, will file a complaint with the appropriate consumer authorities and will shop my services around

Re: regional sports network fee
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Super User

All providers do this.

And if you look at most ads, there is a disclaimer that equipment, taxes and fees are not included.

RSN fees are different in different areas. This accounts for different costs different areas have for their RSN charges.

Re: unexplained fee increases

Verizon does this on a regular basis. 

They tell you your bill will be one price and when you go to pay the bill they jack it up to $15.00+ dollars every month for no reason.

Our Verizon bill has not been correct in years. Every month my girlfriend has to call Verizon to have the bill corrected. We know document every single call we have with them. And we do not due direct pay because it will be harder to get your money credited back from Verizon.

We also request that they send us a document related to what we have just discussed in relation to our bill. DO NOT let them tell you they can not do this, because it is a total lie.  I know because we make sure that this is done and sadly it is done on a regular basis.

The shortest time that my girlfriend has been on hold for Verizon in just over 1 hour. Normally when she calls them between being on hold, talking to a customer service employee, then eventually asking for a manager this call can last a couple of hours. 

The longest call she has was around 2 1/2 hours to 3 hours.

Also, make sure to check your bill as soon as it comes out because Verizon is going to charge you a $5.00 late fee. 

They try to charge us a $5.00 late fee each and every month for no reason. The bill is due on or before the 27th of each month and we pay it between the 21st and the 25th of the month. AND because they do not apply our payment to our account for up to five days after we pay the bill, they then charge us a $5.00 fee that they expect us to pay for there laziness. 

This is what we say that Verizon likes to do the bait and switch. They bait you in with there miss-information about what your charges will be every month. AND when you get your bill it could be between $15.00 to $50.00+ dollars then what you agreed to. 

And you have to fight tooth and nail to get the bill corrected because of there mistake and or mistakes, not yours.

This is again why we always make sure to have an e-mail sent to us when I have had to call about the bill is incorrect, to ensure that we have the proof when the next bill comes in because I know I will need it. 

We would also take the time if you are having issues with your bill or the service to call the corporate office. And ask to speak to someone on their resolution team. The corporate office does take the time to listen to you and works to fix the issues and or issues as soon as they can. 

Re: regional sports network fee

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