Black Friday rebate on Ellipsis

After MANY emails and chats my fight with trying to get MY $50 rebate from way back in Nov. 2015,  has come to an end yesterday 4/14/2016.  After I called them, they decided that, no we are keeping your money, it has taken to long.  I have emails from every month from Nov.2016 until now April 2016, stating here's your code "don't spend in all at once", others stating that code was wrong here's a new one.  Chats that state sorry we will fix this, will send you a new code just wait a few more days.  Yesterday, I finally get someone on the phone (speaking in a very heavy accent, hard to understand). And am informed that " the process has taken to long, the decision has been made not to give it to you".  WHAT! VERIZON  is who strung this out!!!!!!ALL EMAILS AND CHAT say VERIZON, I blame Verizon.  Stand behind your offers, I did everything on time and right and have YOUR emails to verify it!