Bluetooth Input Devices

Not really a question, more of a grievance.  I own three bluetooth keyboards.  One is a Microsoft one that is almost falling apart so no longer used, the other two are a Jellycomb and a Logitech.  The Logitech was the more expensive of the two at around $70 when I bought it 4 years ago.  The Jellycomb was around $20.  On my LG V10, both pair and play nicely with both keyboards.

This is not true on the Ellipsis 10.  The Logitech does, but it is old and requires AAA batteries to function and is not the preferred keyboard anymore.  The Jellycomb Bluetooth 3.0 keyboard does not.  It pairs nicely with the Ellipsis, but that is it.  Nothing else occurs other than it showing up as a connected device.  Nothing happens when I press a key, and it does not show up as a physical keyboard like the Logitech does nor as the Jellycomb does on the LG phone.  This is rather frustrating as the Jellycomb has been the primary use keyboard since it was purchased, and Android 5.1.1 on the LG works perfectly.

Does anyone else have any bluetooth keyboards that work or don't?