EXTENDED Day Return Policy is not good if you buy your Tablet BEFORE Black Friday!

Just found out today (January 14, 2016), that I could not return my Ellipsis 8 tablet.   It was bought as a Christmas Gift a week before Black Friday ( back in November).   I found out that Verizon had extended the return date to January 15, 2016, IF you had bought said item(s) ON or AFTER Black Friday.

So Christmas present bought from Verizon before this date were not eligible for returns, EVEN THOUGH YOU WOULD  NOT EVEN SEE THE ITEM UNTIL 6 WEEKS LATER !!!  Yet items bought a week later  WOULD BE RETURNABLE, for almost 2 months !!!!

On top of this, the item in question, the Ellipsis 8, is no better than a DOORSTOP.   It is a horrible item, and will remain back in its box, not to see the light of day......    It is very, very slow, and has a difficult time with WiFi.     Limited memory, and other problems others have mentioned.....

I took it back today to my Verizon store I purchased it from, and got the quick boot out the door by the Manager.   She would not even see me to discuss this.... just had her lackey give the marching orders and nothing they could do !!!

Needless to say, I was not very happy with Verizon.   You should be ashamed of yourselves !!!

By the way Verizon.... my money is just as GREEN in OTHER stores that sell Tablets.............. and they provide quality service to their customers........... instead of being the geedy vermin you are.


Re: EXTENDED Day Return Policy is not good if you buy your Tablet BEFORE Black Friday!

This is not an unusual policy. Verizon has had the same policy on purchases made BETWEEN Black Friday and Christmas for several years now. If you make purchases outside of those dates, you have the normal 14 day return period. Simply because I purchase a Christmas present in July does not mean I will be able to take advantage of the extended return period.