Eclipse 7 battery will not charge
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I'm using the original charger and for two days the battery only takes a charge up to 3 percent.  I find it funny that the battery on a tablet that is less then 2 yrs old would die just before it is paid off.  What can I do other than dump it?

Re: Eclipse 7 battery will not charge
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You could buy a new battery, for the Ellipsis 7 they're in the $20 range online

Re: Eclipse 7 battery will not charge
Customer Service Rep

mvelasco9, we truly understand how important it is to make sure your tablet is charging correctly especially with it being less than 2 years old. Please allow us to further investigate the details. Can you please let us know if there is any physical damage to your tablet and or charger (loose bent, broken, corrosion or liquid damage)? Also, does your tablet have the latest software update?




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