Ellipses 10 software will not update
Enthusiast - Level 2

According the the Verizon website the latest version of the Ellipses 10 is IR7_20C63. My Ellipses 10 is running software version IR7_20C59. I'm assuming this is the reason as to why it's running.. well it's barely running. It shuts off by itself and I could go on but I've had far too many complaints about this mistake of a purchase since I inadvertently bought it as a "free" promotion back in April. Now when I go to settings-system-system updates either the screen immediately closes out when I click it or I check for new system updates and it just says "Checking for next software and configuration updates for your Verizon Ellipsis 10. Please wait..."

Now the problem is it will do this for hours and nothing will happen. It doesn't matter if I'm connected to WiFi, using the data connection, have my location settings turned on, perform a factory data reset or update every other possible cause in the Google play store. Is there a manual link you can provide for me to download and install this software update myself since this device is incapable of doing it itself? Amongst other things.