Ellipsis 10 Bad Choice
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In February, I purchased an Elliosis 10 tablet for my daughter. She paid for it out of her babysitting money. For about the past 3 1/2 weeks we have experienced nothing but trouble. she hasn't downloadeda lot of apps,she mostly uses it for Facebook. It has become daily routineto have to reset it at least three or four times. We have done a factory reset three times, And still encounter the same issues. The screen is unresponsive at times, Takes forever to load anything among other issues. My question is, I Purchased it the two year contract option. This tablet is basically useless. I know it's past the return period. To get another tablet such as the LG, which a family member has and has no problems with, What would I need to do? If I paid all the early termination fee on the tablet, would I be able to purchase an LG to replace it? It was a good tablet for her needs in the beginning, but slowly declined in performance.

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