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Ellipsis 10 streaming problems

I've had my Ellipsis 10 tablet for less than a year now. Approximately 6 weeks ago it started developing problems. This tablet is only used for streaming YouTube, Netflix and Hulu. There are no other game apps or programs on it besides default apps. It's connected to Wi-Fi and shows good strength. My home Wi-Fi works for our desktop our phones and Playstation perfectly. On my tablet it seems to skip a lot. Not necessarily freeze. During a video or show and it will stop for about 3-30 seconds and then resume streaming again and this happens with all three apps that I use to stream. It doesn't show the buffering signal when it stops it just freezes but I can exit out of it and use the tablet it's just a streaming stops momentarily. Very rarely does the streaming completely stopped and I have to restart the tablet but I still am able to use the tablet itself so it's not that it's freezing it's just that there are these hiccups in the videos about every 30 seconds.

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Customer Service Rep

We understand how important it is to be able to stream video on your Tablet, LOBRI68. You mentioned that the tablet is mostly used on Wi-Fi. If you use 4G LTE, do you still notice issues with playback? Have you tried streaming videos in Chrome or another browser?