I purchased the Ellipsis 8 on 10/31 for my husband and after adding Facebook, Messenger and email my husband said it wasn't holding a charge very long. So after checking it out I had to agree. I have the same tablet I purchased a few years ago and I use it all the time and it has several apps on it and it holds a charge all day. So I had to conclude that the tablet has an issue so back to the Verizon store I went and after the Verizon employee performed a test to verify that what I was saying was true he replaced the tablet with another one and the replaced tablet is not holding a charge well either and it is warm to the touch. The Verizon employee tried to tell me that Facebook takes a lot of space and that was probably causing it but that is just plain [Removed] because I know the performance of the one I use and that is just not the case. Any suggestions? I think the second tablet needs to be returned as well but I hesitate because I don't think I was treated respectfully and the guy tried to make me think it was my fault!

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Claudia2, we want you to get the absolute most from your device. Learning that there is an issue with the charge is rather concerning and we are eager to learn more. How long is the device lasting and what is it being used for when you notice the rapid battery drain? When you say the tablet is warm to the touch, what is being preformed on it when this is noticed? We always want to treat you with the utmost respect and if you feel you were not treated as such, we deeply apologize. I am looking forward to hearing back and further assisting.


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