Ellipsis 7 car bluetooth issue help pls

I just bought a '13 Hyundai Geneses coupe and am having issues pairing my Ellipsis 7 tablet to the cars BT. My droid ultra works fine. My brothers windows tablet pairs fine....

It pairs. The bt icon goes blue on the tablet, but the car doesn't have the bt icon on it like it does with my phone and there is no sound from the tablet like it it transmitting the sound to the car but the car is not receiving the signal... idk, i tried everything. un-install and installed, made priority. deleted my phone off the cars list. I'm using a wire right now but want to have the bt working

please help!!!

Re: Ellipsis 7 car bluetooth issue help pls
Customer Service Rep

Congrats on your new car and your Ellipsis customgtp! Since the phones are working have you contacted Hyundai for assistance? Have you had a chance to test the Ellipsis bluetooth with other devices in effort to find the root cause? Please share.

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