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I have a two year old Ellipsis 7 that was rarely used.  Maybe turned on 5 or 6 times over the 2 years we owned it.  Last month I turned off the data plan since the unit was getting so little use.  Last week I tried to turn the unit on and it would not boot.  I went through the trouble shooting steps; trying different chargers, connecting to a PC, holding down the power button with the down-volume button.  The unit seems dead.  No boot up sequence and no signs that it is even taking a charge.  Since the unit is out of warranty, I opened up the back cover and tested the battery.  It showing slightly over 4 volts on the voltage meter which is above the required 3.7 volts.  I left the battery disconnected in hopes that would help reset it, but still nothing.  The unit was never dropped or damaged.  It spent most of its life just collecting dust.  Now that I want to use it, it seems completely unresponsive. This seems odd for a product that was almost never used.  I could try a new battery, but I'm concerned it may be a waste of money.  Does anybody have any suggestions?


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I also have this very same Ellipsis 7 and have my nephew currently playing his favorite games on it. I am surprised to hear that you have not been able to turn it on, after it have so very little use. We definitely appreciate the steps you have already taken to get it to turn on. Click on this link to find additional support and keep us posted https://www.verizonwireless.com/support/knowledge-base-79086/.

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I am at a loss to see that customer service would send you to a samsung galaxy s7 charging issue for your ellipsis 7 tablet ... the table has a MT8125 mediatek  chip in it ran by a qunta processer.. .. and would you know by chance if the table took the update from QMV7A to the QMV7B ... that update when it came out Hardbricked alot of the tablets that were out at the time ..

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