Ellipsis 7 receives email but will not send

When I signed up with Verizon I unfortunately believed the pitch  that my Droid and Ellipsis combination would be Superior to the iPhone / iPad I was trading in.  The most frustrating part of this two year "marriage" is that I can receive emails but not respond to them.  Verizon couple not figure it out.  Are there any users out there who have resolved a similar issue?  One month to go on my contract and I am ready to change carriers.

Re: Ellipsis 7 receives email but will not send
Customer Service Rep



Being able to receive emails but not having the ability to respond to them is definitely a concern. We don't want you to leave the VZW team. Allow us to troubleshoot. What make and model phone and tablet do you have? Which device are you unable to respond to emails on? What happens when you attempt to respond to an email?

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