Ellipsis 7
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I got my Ellipsis 7 last year for Christmas. About 2 months later it went off and it still want come back on or charge the battery. I called version for several months and I keep get telling y'all are sending me a box to send it back in. I still have not received the box and my contact for it expires in August of this year. Plus It took me months to get version to suspend it. I called my local office the other day and they said there was no warranty on it and they couldn't help me with it. If my contract is not up until August of this year, on the table.  I should still have a warranty on. why can't  y'all send me a box so I can return it? And maybe y'all can fix it or at least replace it ?

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We want to get this resolved. Please message us on Twitter, @vzwsupport or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/verizon.
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