Ellipsis 8 died and nothing works

I have only had my tablet for literally 2 days short of 2 months! I was using it to draw digital art in class and it ran out of charge but when I charged all night it never revived. I tried holding the power, soft reset and hard reset, removing and reinserting the sim card, and having verizon manually try and reset it. I am really dissapointed with the tablet dying so soon. I hope that sending it in will be good but I have had previous experiences where I sent something to be fixed and they said that it was unfixable under warranty though it was not broken by human fault. Has anyone else had this happen where their elllipsis never turned on again? I dont even get any sign that it is charging.

Re: Ellipsis 8 died and nothing works
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Hello MYRSMA52. I had something very similar happen with my tablet the week that I got it, but after charging it for a while, I was able to turn it on again by holding down the power button until the splash screen came up. After that I calibrated my battery by using this procedure that I found: How to calibrate the battery on your Android phone or tablet - AndroidPIT . If you don't want to follow the link, you can find it by typing "battery calibration" into Google. There's a little more to it than what I'm about to tell you, but essentially you drain the battery completely and then charge it completely. After calibrating the battery, you should only need to repeat the procedure once every three months or so. Best of luck to you and I hope this helps.

Re: Ellipsis 8 died and nothing works
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Using your device for your art class is an awesome idea, MYRSMA52. I certainly understand your frustration with your device not working so quickly after receiving it. It sounds like we have sent you a recovery box to repair the device. Rest assured that you are in good hands. If we are unable to repair the equipment we will send you a certified like-new replacement. Let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns or if you need more help when you get your tablet back.

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