Ellipsis 8 internet connection
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I only have access to the internet by using my Note 4 Smartphone as a hotspot. 

I am no longer under a service contract for my Ellipsis 8, is it possible to connect my Ellipsis 8 through my smartphone hotspot or do I need a wifi connection with a router.

If the hotspot is an option, please advise how to do that.  I've added the Ellipsis 8 as an allowed device on my smartphone hotspot, and my smartphone wifi is listed as a connection on the Ellipsis, but I cant figure out why they are not connecting.

Please advise.

Re: Ellipsis 8 internet connection
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You've come to the right place for help SHIBUT26. I know how important it is to be able to connect to the internet using your Tablet. Let's get to the bottom of this.


You can use the Ellipsis 8 to connect to the internet using WiFi or the Mobile HotSpot on your phone. You do not need to keep the line for the Tablet active on the account.


What happens when you try connecting the Tablet to the HotSpot on your phone? Are you able to connect the Tablet to other WiFi connections?


Make sure you turn on WiFi on the Tablet http://vz.to/2pLFg4d. Once WiFi is turned on, here's how you manually connect http://vz.to/2jD9UYd. If you see your device's HotSpot connection on the Tablet, and are unable to connect, try deleting the connection http://vz.to/2iBAYdR and manually add it back.


Keep us posted if you need further assistance.



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