Ellipsis 8 just started constantly restarting

Charged up my Ellipsis 8 Monday night and Tuesday morning, when I turned it on, it continuously restarts.  After turning on I get the red ellipsis screen.  When it is done with start up and goes to my start page, about 5 or 6 seconds later it goes back to the red ellipsis screen and starts over.  I have tried some of the suggestions shown on the discussion groups for the ellipsis 7 but none of those work.  Cannot stay on the start page long enough to drill down to the Google Play services in App Manager to try to uninstall updates.

Any suggestions?  It is only a few months old.

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Re: Ellipsis 8 just started constantly restarting
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Your issue certainly sounds frustrating. If you are able, I would like you to perform a Factory Data Reset. To do this, you will navigate to Apps>Settings>Back up and reset. You will tap "Factory Data Reset," then tap "Reset Tablet," then "Erase Everything." If you are not able to get into the device long enough to complete this, please let us know so we can work towards a solution for you.


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