Ellipsis 8 will not power on

Ellipsis 8 was used last on Sunday and was working. The battery ran down and I plugged it up to it's charger last night (all night) like I usually do. When I got up this morning it will not power up.
I have gone thorough the troubleshooter on the Verizon page nothing is working.

I now have it plugged into my desktop computer to see if it will do anything there, but so far the computer does not see it.

Thanks for any help!

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Re: Ellipsis 8 will not power on
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What an awful thing to wake up to, houndmom. I'm glad to see you've done your troubleshooting. I just wish you'd ended up with a properly working tablet as a result of  your efforts. Mind if I join you in getting this resolved?

If you haven't already tried this, I recommend using a different authorized charger to see how it reacts. If it appears to charge, go ahead and let it do so until it reaches 100%. Either way, please let me know how it goes.

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Re: Ellipsis 8 will not power on

Was there ever a resolution to this?? I have had the Ellipsis 8 for a month and after it died when I went to sleep I tried charging at work then again at home and it would never charge. I also tried charging it with another authorized charger and still nothing. This is very upsetting!

Re: Ellipsis 8 will not power on
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Hoping this helps you both Angbcox

We had this challenge with our son's Ellipsis 8. Do this. plug it into a computer for 45 mins or so with the factory USB cable. After which time then plug it into the wall via the USB cable / wall plug that came with the tablet.

With our device we had the same issue and tried everything. This was the only thing that resolved the issue. Have had no challenges since.