Ellipsis Connectivity Issue
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I got an Ellipsis 7 for Christmas and when I inserted the SIM card to activate it, the connectivity will not work.  I cannot get a data signal from the 4G or from a wireless router.  I called Verizon and they said that it shows that it set up on their side of things and to take the SIM card out and reinstall it, then turn on the power.  It gets the 4G symbol for a few seconds and then goes out and when I try to connect to the router it says that it is having a authentication problem.  It doesn't even try to obtain an IP address.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Re: Ellipsis Connectivity Issue
Customer Service Rep

I am sorry to hear that you are having problems activating your tablet.  Are you in a 4G area? If so, we would want to hard reset your tablet and attempt to activate again http://vz.to/1bv5Njj . If that still does not work, we would want to replace your SIM card for you.  You can go to any corporate Verizon Wireless store and have the SIM card replaced. I hope this gets you up and running and enjoying that awesome tablet.

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