Factory reset ellipsis 10
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How do I factory reset ellipsis 10? Recently given one but don't know original owners email and what not. Please help me. 

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Take the tablet and SIM card to the nearest Verizon store to see if the staff can either reset and unlock it, get a new SIM card and sign up for a Verizon account, and/or contact the previous owner.

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I know how disheartening it would be to buy a tablet only to find that the original owners email is required to unlock the device, lovestowrite3846. This sounds like the Android activation lock, and would require you to contact the seller to get help to unlock the device. This often happens when someone factory resets the device, but doesn't turn off some settings. Most of the time you wouldn't notice, as you'd sign back in and set the tablet up. Learn more about the Android activation lock here: https://support.google.com/android/answer/9459346?hl=en