Hate little tablet

Got the "deal" when my phone broke 49.00 and 10.00 a month not any better then my phone,  over 2 week return (which would have had a 35. 00 Restock fee so I thought it would grow on me,  it doesn't,  am I able to get the full size tablet?

Re: Hate little tablet
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Community Leader

The "deal" likely specified that the tablet line had to remain active for two years.  However, it can be any tablet on that line, not necessarily the Ellipsis 8.  So yes, you can buy (outright, full price, or on a third party site like eBay or Swappa) the larger Ellipsis 10, or preferably a different brand altogether and activate that tablet on the line.  Then sell the 8 or give it to kids to use wifi only.

Fair warning, the Ellipsis 10 is simply a bigger screen; most of the internals are identical to the Ellipsis 8.  If you are just looking for bigger, fine.  If you are looking for more memory, faster processor, better response times, and better performance, it won't happen with the Ellipsis 10.  Research specs on various tablets before making a purchase.