How do I clear unseen data from downloads?

I have the Ellipsis 8. Always seem to be short on space for my updates. I use full version of Messenger. It uses a boatload of data. All other optional apps have been removed. However, when I check storage, I see downloads has 182mb in it. When I select to clear it, it says it is empty. I know which files they were. I have deleted them 3 different ways, but alas! Downloads is still holding 182 mb of data. How do I clear this out?

Re: How do I clear unseen data from downloads?
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We want to make sure you have the storage you need on your device. Let's get some additional details. Have you checked the Downloads application itself? Are there items still in there? Have you restarted your device? Some items may actually be downloaded and attached to other applications. Another way to increase space is to purchase a memory card. Check out this link for purchase options. You can choose your make and model device on the left-hand side to ensure compatibility. You device can expand its memory to 32GB.


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