How do i move videos from my tablet to my computor?

My brother has a ton if videos on his elipsis that he wants to edit into a short little movie, but all the video edition apps he has tried don't work well. I've been trying to help him connect it to the laptop and pull the files, but at first it wasn't connecting at all. I figured out how to change the connection type from camera and the laptop recognizes that something is connected, but it's still not showing up in file explorer or when i go into the manage devises window. I have followed the troubleshooting FAQ's here on the site but none of that has worked. Is there anything else i can try or is this a problem with the tablet's hardware?

Re: How do i move videos from my tablet to my computor?
Customer Service Rep

We understand wanting to help your brother manager his videos KATERI40. We are happy to provide additional assistance. I know you mentioned that you tried the FAQ's on the website. Were you able to try these steps listed here ? If so, what is happening when you try to use those steps?

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