I'm Dizzy from the Run-Around

On Nov 30 2015 I upgraded my Verizon Elipsis 7 tablet to an Elipsis 10. Support I'd received prior to that was fantastic. I was totally unprepared for how bad it had gotten.

On Dec 15 2015 we brought the tablet back to the store we'd purchased it at (Verizon Corporate store, not a dealer) because it was having problems with the Sim card. The 'tech' said it was probably a bad sim, replaced it with a new one, and sent us on our way.

During the next week or so, the tablet continued to have issues, but, with the holidays we were unable to return to the store until January. They informed us that we needed to send the tablet in for repair, but they could not do an advance replacement. They ordered a box and label which we received and sent the tablet in for repair.

Nearly two weeks later we received the tablet back saying they could not duplicate the problem. When we'd sent the tablet in we left the sim card in it, but, when it was returned it had none.

I called support and was told that they removed the sim card for testing. I explained that the entire issue was that the tablet had issues recognizing the sim.

We took the tablet back to the store about Jan 25. We explained the problem. The 'tech' in the store tried 5 different sim cards before one was recognized, but it failed on the next reboot.

So, we spoke to support...again. this time I spoke to a (supposed) level 2 supervisor named Andre. He assured me that when I returned the tablet again it would be replaced. He ordered another box and label which after about 2 weeks never arrived.

So, now it's Feb 24 and again I head to the store, explain the problem and they ordered another box which arrived around Feb 28. I returned the tablet to service on Mar 1. It was received by Verizon in Tennessee on Mar 3. On Mar 4 I saw that a shipment was sent. Knowing that turnaround in repair is several days...at least, I assumed they had shipped the replacement.

I was totally shocked and angry when I saw that they had simply opened the box, took out the form I'd sent with the description of the problem replaced that with the same "unable to duplicate" letter and shipped it back in the same box I'd shipped it in!

I called support spoke to a woman at level two who, when I asked to speak to her supervisor,  told me they were in a meeting and someone would call me back in 30 minutes. 90 minutes later I called and eventually spoke to a level 2 tech named John. He said he understood my problem, explained that supervisors had 4 hours to call me back, that he was working on his off day on another team and asked if he could call me back in the morning...today. at 5pm I'd still not heard back so I called support...again.

I spoke to a person named Jake. I explained the issue but he was unable to provide any suggestions other than paying a penalty for shutting off mobile data on the tablet and using it as a wifi only tablet. I mean...really?!!

He transferred me to his supervisor, Marco.

Marco told me that I would have to return the tablet again and he assured me I'd get a replacement. Sound familiar?

I told him that I had no confidence any longer that he wasn't lying to me. I feel that with all I've been through, I deserve a full refund including mobile data for the tablet since I purchased it. I told him I would be willing to return the tablet as soon as I had the replacement in my hands.

When he said that he could not do that I  asked to speak to his supervisor. He said that his 'boss' didn't take phone calls. When I asked how I could file a complaint he said I couldn't!

Now I was more than a little angry!

I have been a customer of Verizon for over 3 years, have 7 devices, and spend over $400 monthly.

I am prepared to escalate this as far as necessary...

Quick summary... Verizon sold me a defective tablet and has shown they are not willing to support their customers.

Verizon Management can reach me at [Removal required by the Verizon Wireless Terms of Service] or on Twitter [removed]

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