Keyboard problem with the Game of War

My Ellipsis 8 has a problem with the keyboard in the game of war.  The keyboard stops popping up when trying to chat.  If I reboot the tablet it work for maybe

10 to 15 minutes, then stops popping up again.  If I turn the tablet off for awhile and then use it, the keyboard works for a little while longer, but it stops again. 

Reinstalling the game and updating both the game and the system software didn't help.  The support at Machine Zone, who make the game, have not

been able to help.   Does anyone have any ideas on how to resolve this?

Re: Keyboard problem with the Game of War
Customer Service Rep

I would be frustrated too if I were unable to access my apps to their fullest. It sounds like you have done quite a bit already. I do appreciate that. It is alarming to see the manufacture of the app has been unable to assist you since this is a 3rd party app & not a Verizon app. The only other recommendation I would try is to:


-Application Manager

-All (can drag finger from right to left till shows all)

-Look for Game of War app (will be in alphabetical order)

-Click Force Stop

-Click Clear Data & Clear Cache (if available)

- Power tablet Off/On

- See if you notice a difference

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