Latest update was mandatory and BRICKED my Ellipsis 8 for a second time!!!

I wanted to decline to update, but there was not a "No thanks" option, only install now and install later. Install later asked for a time to automatically install the update. So, I bit the bullet and hit 'install now'. The update failed and now my Ellipsis 8 is bricked.

The previous update, from 4.4.2 to 5.1.1, had also bricked my device, and it took two months to get the device back in working order (had to send it to Verizon twice, the first time it was sent, it came back unable to charge). I was back on 4.4.2 with the device repaired.

I'm not at all happy with Verizon forcing me to update this device because I feared any updates would brick the device again -- and I was right!!!

Could I get a ROM download for this most recent update, please? I dread having to send it back to Verizon because of the time it would take, and I'd rather flash the new ROM myself in order to speedily fix this.

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We want to ensure you can use your tablet. Are you getting any notifications on the tablet? What happens when the device is on?
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