Moving App to SD card from app info
Enthusiast - Level 1

Where do you find the option to move a app to a SD card in app info because Jin all the apps that I have checked that have anything to do with a SD card only show text under permission that say stuff like modify/delete or read content from SD card none of them say anything else. So could someone please tell me where I would find it and give me a more detailed answer besides if it's able to be moved to a SD card then the option will be there. I've tried googling it on my own and haven't been able to find anything on the ellipsis 10.

Re: Moving App to SD card from app info
Enthusiast - Level 3

Go to apps.  Click on app you want to move.  There should be 3 lines of some other menu icon where if you should be able to press "move to" and then hit SD Card.

Or, find where you have anything saved on your SD card.  Once you've found it write down where it's at.  Then, find where the apps that you want to move are located . Then, it should be easy to move from one folder to the other.