My Ellipsis 8 memory is missing at least 5GB of memory?

The memory problem I have is that that STORAGE has a catagory which is Misc and it takes up 5.92GB.  When I open it, it has 10 catagories and the most storage used is under Audible and is 1.05MB.  All the rest doesn't even reach 1 GB so where is all this storage? Should be about 5GB some where?

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Re: Ellipsis 8 memory
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We know the importance of being able to get as much of your storage available for your to use. We are here to help. 


Resetting just the storage on the device would not completely clear that category. The only way to completely clear the Misc section is to perform a factory data reset



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Re: My Ellipsis 8 memory is missing at least 5GB of memory?
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Operating system take up memory. That devices has 16 GB of memeory first all 16 GB never means 16 GB. had drive isted count 1 billion byte as a GB when it slighly higher than that. So that 16 GB device woudl have only 14.9 GB then as I said there is the OS. And of coruse the bloatware on there. You can add up to a 32 GB SD card for extra strorage.  They're like $8 at walmart for 32 GB.