My data use has hit the roof sience i got this tablet why

How is this using my data plan when it's turned off

Re: My data use has hit the roof sience i got this tablet why
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Being able to manage your data to avoid overages is very important. Let's provide you with some clarification to your concern and see how your data is being used. Your tablet will make a cellular data connection at anytime specially if you have running apps in the background. If you have WIFI available, it is recommended to turn data off so it will restrict data usage to WIFI only. Your tablet will only use data when it is on or connected to the internet, application usage, updates and anything related with making an internet connection. I would suggest reviewing your data history online via My Verizon at, then click on Usage>data. Select your tablet, there you can see the times, date and amount of data that has been transferred. Please let us know if we can help with anything else.

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