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My tablet will go slowly or freeze

My tablet will go slowly or freeze, then after a little while a white box will pop up that says launcher or whatever app I'm in is not responding wait or takes a long time to get off the screen, most of the time I have let the battery run completely down then recharge it to get back to the home screen. has anyone else had this issue

Re: My tablet will go slowly or freeze
Customer Service Rep

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention, JACKI642000. I would suggest deleting a few of the applications that you have on this device currently, this may help to free some space on this device.


Re: My tablet will go slowly or freeze

As devices get older, they can not run more up to date apps as well as a newer device. While an app may run, it may also have problems like the ones you describe. Without updating to a newer device, you can try to limit the number of apps installed on the device so that as few apps as possible are running in the background taking up the resources the app you would like to run has as much memory available to perform the tasks it would like to run. While this may work up to a point, it is unlikely that you will prevent all problems that you have described.