Optimizing at startup & shuts off randomly, fixed 1st part
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I have been seeing these issues for at least 2 years with no resolution! I can help with the optimizing. (Your welcome Verizon!)  My Eclipse 10 was taking 20 minutes or more to boot up saying it was optimizing apps (130 of them)  then it would shut down almost immediately & I would fight with this for hours! But I fixed that part by going into settings, app manager, all apps, then Launcher3 & clearing the cache and clearing the data. Now my tablet starts up faster than when it was new! It also didn't shut down as often as it has been, but I still shutting down. No it doesn't shut down in safe mode. No I do not have any apps installed that didn't come pre installed. But I still want it to stop shutting down for no reason. Verizon tech support has been not worth the time to call on these issues. With 2 months left of this contract & 3 months left on one other (out of 4 costing $250 + a month) I am happy to say that I will be leaving Verizon  after many many years soon unless there are some serious perks involved! Call ME Verizon MANAGER if you want to keep getting my money! I hope this helps you all with the optimizing issues!! Good luck!!