I used my ellipsis 7 tablet, on wifi with the mobile data turned off, I watched about 7 hours worth of videos, the next day I checked my Verizon to see if the next months bill was available and I noticed that my data was over usage, and I was charged 17GB of data. My tablet shows 159KB of data used. calling customer service I was told their computers said that no it was correctly charged. I have been on the phone with them Twice in two days, and they have offered me nothing but to modify my plan so I go from 12GB to 20GB, costing my more money. They have all said they cant do anything else, upon asking to go higher up the food chain I have been put on hold for hours on end, only to be told that I cant have any contact information for anyone above immediate supervisors. When talking to tech support they have asked me to reset my device which would get rid of the evidence that no data was used, and they have said that because the device said the variations happen they cant do anything else. I understand variations of maybe a MB here and a MB there, but 17GB?!!!!???

I have filed an FCC complaint, because no one has been able to help me other then to change my bill costing me more or get me any information to keep working up the line in support other then the Customer Service Reps and their supervisors.