Poor Quality Charger

Has anyone else experienced this? We had this"brand new" (?) tablet for about a month when the charger died. Verizon graciously offered to replace it, but we had to drive all the way across town, ourselves, in order to get new charger. That new one ~ a Samsung ~ lasted LESS THAN a month. We've simply ordered two generic chargers from a dealer on eBay for much less trouble. They both charge faster than both chargers we received from Verizon. We just hope they last longer!

Re: Poor Quality Charger
Customer Service Rep

I appreciate all your efforts to get working chargers, EVENTER4EVER83. I’m really relieved to see you have now been able to charge your devices but certainly want to be sure the chargers you receive for any device from us are working properly. If you still have any of the chargers that stopped working, please let me know the make and model along with the output voltage and amperage of the charger (usually found on the outlet portion or a sticker). Also, when you say those chargers died, can you tell me a little more detail on what exactly happened?

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