SD Card

I had my game apps loaded onto my sd card. All of a sudden they all disappeared. My games were still on my Elipsis 7 and I was able to play them. I bought a new SD card so I could put them on that one. I did not have the option to move my games to the new sd card. What has happened?

Re: SD Card
Verizon Employee

Hi tearinterri,

This would bother me too if my device was not able to move things over to my SD card. Let me see what’s going on and get it fixed. Was you SD card firmly seated in the device? Did you format the SD memory card prior to use? Here’s a link to help with those steps  Also, here’s a workaround available. To manage games, connect this device to a computer directly to access the files by using the file manager.

Thank you,

Ed W

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