SD card error while downloading

For a couple weeks now I get this message " SD card error " when I'm downloading movies from Xfinity TV Go app. This error only seems to occur when I'm downloading movies that are longer than 2 hours or bigger than 1GB . In the past I have downloaded movies that were even 3 or 4 hours long without a problem but for some reason it won't let me do this anymore.

Can anybody give me an explanation of why I get this error ?

I can download and store like 3 separate movies, each shorter than 2 hours , without a problem.

Is there something wrong with my tablets storage memory or does it have something to do with that update ?


Re: SD card error while downloading
Customer Service Rep


This is definitely quite interesting for sure and we may want to reach out to the developers of the application for further assistance. For now, is this only happening with a specific file or file type or with all files that exceed a specific size? Are you able to download these video elsewhere such as a PC or another wireless device? How much storage is left on the card? Any recent changes since this issue started? New applications or application updates? You mentioned a recent update, was this for the software? What is the current software version? See how to locate that here

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