SIM card removed error Ellipsis 7

I just got a Verizon Ellipsis 7 yesterday.  It is only charging to 99% and while charging and while not charging, it keeps showing SIM card removed error.  They installed it at the store.  I have powered down, removed and reinstalled the card.  Still happening.

Re: SIM card removed error Ellipsis 7
Customer Service Rep

It can be so disappointing to have problems with a brand new device kimela10! Many devices will charge to 100%, but as soon as they are unplugged and used for even a minute, it will immediately drop to 99%.

However, a SIM error is very problematic, due to the fact that your device will not work properly. This may even contribute to it not wanting to tip up to 100% at all, if it's constantly searching. I would recommend bringing it back for another SIM card. You can have them activate and test in store to make sure it's working.

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