Signal Strength
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I live in a semi remote area of North West Washington State.  I use a USB730L  antenna on my laptop to connect to the rest of the world. We  only have  LTE data out here despite what Verizon says. Occasionally I will see 4G LTE on the USB730L status page, but  its hit and miss  as far as 4G is concerned. The problem is signal strength.  As I write this the antenna's staus page is showing a 4G LTE data signal but with only ONE BAR of signal strength. I can see the closest Verizon tower about 3  miles from where I live.  Lately, trying to stream a  movie or sports channel results in  intermittent frozen screens, or messages that a particular channel like NETFLIX or WHL Hockey, can't be reached.  I do not have access to any WIFI  network  or  WIRED  signal .  Any thoughts on how to increase signal strength reception?  Remember this is LTE country, not 4G or 4G LTE. Thanks in advance for any help on this.

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