Suspicious phone call received today in PHX . AZ from [phone number removed per Verizon Terms of Service] telling account was suspended



Did  anyone get a phone call from the above number telling them their numer is suspended by Verizon??!

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Re: Suspicious phone call received today in PHX . AZ from XXXX telling account was suspended
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We understand how frightening these phone calls can be for you. I have been in your shoes. It sounds like you have been exposed to Spoofing. Spoofing is not caused by an error in the network or your phone. Spoofing usually happens when the calling party uses a paid service (like Spooftel, Spoofer or Spoof Card), which allows the calling party to change the message sent as Caller ID. We recommend that you follow this link to be able to file a complaint of concern regarding this situation.


Did you give any personal information to anyone over the phone during this call or any other that you were unsure of who it was?