Terrible customer service
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  • Unbelievable. We went into a store to order two new phones and two tablets in December with the Buy More, Save More deal.  We thought we had ordered them as we were not told otherwise—we were told the phones had to be ordered and we could pick up all 4 items when the phones came in. We were  notified the phones came in, and I said great, we will come pick up the iPads and phones, and he said the iPads were no longer available with the deal. He didn’t bother ordering them because he had had 10 iPads in stock at the time. I asked him if this could be remedied given that it was conveyed to us that the iPads we reserved for us, as he had stated we could pick up  the iPads with the phones once they came in. We were very clear about what we were intending to order. 

Then I called customer service anfter picking up only the phones  and was told the deal was still available and to go back into the store. I did, today, and after spending a very long time there I was told in fact the deal was no longer available and there was nothing they could do. Then I called customer service again, and again there is nothing they can do.  I asked to speak to a supervisor and none were  available. 

If this isn’t resolved in a fair and equitable manner, we are going with a different provider. I guess 20 years of my entire family being Verizon customers doesn’t make Verizon feel any sense of loyalty to make their mistake right. 

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Re: Terrible customer service
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Username, it saddens me to hear this heart-wrenching story of your ordeal in that store, and the thought of losing your loyalty is devastating! Please send us a Private Message so that we can discuss possible remedies, okay?*Stephannie