Various Issues with Verizon Ellipsis Tab 7

In the many issues with ouroEllipsis Tab 7 NO sound is the first and was told by Tech Coach to reset by holding down both sound and on/off buttons... Which resulted in days of not being able to open the tab and then only a blank screen with strange caricatures.  Now upon finally having screen back there is still No sound and everything was gone, lost ALL our many photos and had to attempt to reload apps (do not have all back) need to get help on how to add photo to the owner box or spot on dropdown menu which shows things like Settings, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Location, et ceterea.  Need help please, thanks!?

Re: Various Issues with Verizon Ellipsis Tab 7
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Thank you for contacting us via this community forum. Is there a picture loaded already? Or is this area blank? Did you have a picture before? You can view all our support topics online at,



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