Verizon Software Upgrade Assistant for QUANTA
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I need to do an OFFLINE Android update to a Quanta QTASUN1 (Verizon Ellipsis 8 HD) tablet that somebody gave me. It must have been a freebie because he never opened it. It would not turn on so I ordered a new battery from Amazon and replaced it. It powers up and works fine. But it is running Marshmallow (6.0). I want to upgrade it to Nougat (7.0) for a single app I want to use it for. That's the highest version this will run. But it will NOT update over wifi, only OTA, by design.

Verizon has an update tool app for Windows or Mac for this situation. It downloads the update and applies if over USB from a PC or Mac. The problem is the tool's download is nowhere to be found. Plenty of documentation online, but no link!

I called support and they wanted information out the wazoo about the original owner before they would help me, probably to make sure it wasn't stolen. I was able to get only his name. They said that IMEI is not registered to that name, maybe not to anyone, I couldn't tell. I know he was the original owner, and never opened it. I did get her to admit the tool still exists.

A similar thread about another model from 2019 has links that just point to the same documents, no download. Maybe they removed the downloads because they don't want to support these anymore. Am I out of luck? I am an I/T guy and would just like to get my hands on that app(s). I don't need any ongoing support. If I brick it I am prepared to restore it to original.

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