Verizon must read

So this post is to hopefully make someone at verizon realize a major fault. So my issue started out on Christmas.  My wife got me an ellipsis 7 as a gift .  I had been talking about getting one anyways so she got one that was free with a 2 yr agreement. I was pretty pumped at first, but right away i found out it was defective. It would take 40-50 trys starting it to get passed thr android screen and then it would usually work ok until i put it on the charger,  then it would do it again. Sometimes it just shut off for no reason and then wouldn't start back up.  It would take at least 1-3 hours to start. So being that I work a lot, i wasnt able to stop at a verizon store until the 2nd week of January.  This was like 13 days after xmas but she got it a few days before so it just put me past the 2 week rule. So instead of just swapping it with another one they said i needed to mail it in. The day I sent it in, the device was charging and when i went to start it, it started smoking and there was a burn mark on the back! I called to tell someone and they were not worried about it.So I in sent it in. It took about a week to get the box and its been like 2 weeks since I sent it in and I haven't heard anything. The instructions that came with the shipping box they sent said to take down a number that was on the tablet to use for tracking but there is nowhere online to search the status. So i called and whoever i talked to didn't have a clue what to do to locate it but after a while on hold she said there is no record they recieved it and just wait another week or two. All of this for a piece of crap they sold me. Ive been a customer of 3 lines for 6 years and probably would have been for the rest of our lives so at $200 a month thats $2400 a year lost over a defective device that you gave me. So last night i went to sprint and purchased a samsung tab 4 (love it by the way). i just got my wife an iphone on verizon and i got my mother a phone a couple years ago. So currently i have 2 - 2yr contracts 1 tablet and 1 phone.  Im just going to keep the tablet for the 2 years ( if they ever return it) but sprint is paying me for the early termination fee for the iphone and they are cutting our bill in half. I might pay early termination fee for tablet too but i havent decided yet.  Lost thousands of dollars because of their lousy customer service and lack of concern.

Re: Verizon must read
Verizon Employee

Hi bmoreb18

Thank you for your feedback. We have confirmed that your device was sent via FedEx on 2/9. It has now been repaired and was collected yesterday by FedEx to be returned to you. FedEx has reported delays due to weather impacting the entire eastern half of the United States. We were sorry to hear about this delay and will look for ways to improve communications around this process based on your report.