Verizon's mistake, but customer has to pay for it.
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I purchased a brand new tablet for my wife for Christmas and have had issues with it from day 1. I called Verizon's customer service and they shipped me a recycled one that was clearly marked not for resale. The first time I used the new one, I went to charge the battery and the used one would not charge. I called again and this time they told me I had to send back the used one for them to fix. Verizon said it was there mistake, but they could not give me mine or a new one back.

Think of it this way, you buy a brand new BMW and bring it in for repairs. The dealership gives you a used loaner and then says "sorry your new car is gone and you have to keep the used loaner". This is the issue I am now faced with and with Verizons lack of respect for me as a customer for the past 7 years and having 5 lines plue the tablet, I am going to another carrier as soon as the contract are over.

This is truly repulsive behavior from a giant greedy, unorganized, and corrupt company. GOOD BY VERIZON!

Re: Verizon's mistake, but customer has to pay for it.
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They will pay early termination fees. But service coverage maybe lacking. You also pay activation charges and must buy all new devices. Very costly. But you can leave Verizon if that is still your desire.

Good Luck

Re: Verizon's mistake, but customer has to pay for it.
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Bluedoghudson, we hope that you reconsider your decision to switch to another company and allow us to continue as your provider. That was an awesome Christmas gift to give your wife. We're disappointed to hear that you had issues with it and it was replaced under warranty. Which make/model tablet did you have? We'll look into details of your warranty and address all of your concerns.

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Re: Verizon's mistake, but customer has to pay for it.
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Totally agree as I am having the same issue.  They speak English, but they might as well be speaking Pig Latin. At least I got my phone, . . .but was sent the 8 GB iPhone instead of the 16 GB.  I am thinking I better just settle for that, . . .or they'll be charging me the re-stock fee to return it.  Then, . . .ordering again taking the chance my bank account will be depleted and then get no phone at all, . . . .with not one department being able to correct the issue, . . . .especially 'Sales'.