WIFI connection help

When I pull the status of my wifi connection the results are, status: connected; signal strength: Excellent, I'm only a foot away; link speed 135Mbps; security: WPA2 PSK. Here is what happens. When starting any app that is using wifi, I have had data turned off since I've had the tablet for 6 months, no data will be received. When leaving the app opened and turning on the airplane mode then turning it back off, the data will load. I have to do this for each page. A PITA when I'm surfing the net. Yesterday, all worked well. Today this started. I didn't download an APP. Haven't changed any settings.

Can anyone help?

Re: WIFI connection help

So, signal from router is great.  You have kept data off for 6 months and using wifi only.  No wifi data or mobile data? Toggling airplane mode fixes the issue, but has to be done for every new page opened.  Yesterday everything worked correctly?  Today what started:  success or failure?