Why is my Ellipsis 8 so slow lately?
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I have had my Ellipsis 8 for about 2 weeks.  When I first got it - it would stream video and was fast...well faster. As prompted, I installed a system update on Sunday, (3 days ago). Now my Ellipsis 8 just crawls along. Video often digitizes or skips. Now, when I am watching my "Dish Anywhere" - what happens is I will be getting the audio - the sound; however, the video (picture) part 'freezes' -- like a 'still shot' while the audio is still going. I went through and cleared my cache on my Dish Everywhere app, then cleared all cache...

What could be the problem?  I have read and read...I do not see any other suggestions recently posted by others I could also try.  Anyone have any other suggestions? 

Thanks for any help. 


Re: Why is my Ellipsis 8 so slow lately?
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Hi Debbie. It must be so aggravating to have such slow speeds. I want to help you get your device’s performance back to where it was. I need to know more about the internet service provider you’re using. Is your device connected to the Verizon Wireless cellular network or to your own WiFi service provider?

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