Will not power up.

we purchased 2 of these tablets in august 2014. In August 2015 one of the tablets would not power up so we took it into a Verizon store to get checked out. We were told it would have to be sent into the factory for service. At first they did not want to cover the problem under warranty because it was out of warranty by a week. It was explained to them that we had been having problems with this tablet for several months and each time they would do a soft start to get it working again. On this last occasion they could not get it to respond so they finally relented to get it repaired under warranty. We got the tablet back and the repair slip stated the speaker was replaced. After a short period of time we started having problems with it freezing up. A soft start would usually take care of the problem unit just recently. When we were trying to do a soft start, it would cycle in and out of the Verizon screen but finally went completely black and will not power up. The device id is 356455052619340 (MEID).  We are really frustrated with the situation and do not feel we should have to pay to get this repaired. What suggestions or advice can someone give me to get this situation resolved?