Words with Friends

I had words with fFriend 2 on my elipsee tablet, i was having problems with the solo game that I had won kept saying prossesing and would not stop.  This had been going on for days, so I uninstalled friends and then tried to reinstall thinking this might fix the problem . I can't get words now it says it is not compatible with this tablet.  But I had it before what's going on.

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Re: Words with Friends
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I see the game developer updated the Words With Friends app to a new version 8 days ago, and it does now require Android devices to have OS version 6 or newer to operate. 

If you have an Ellipsis tablet model 8HD or 10HD you can upgrade the software to a newer version that’s compatible (Nougat v7) with that game application for it to work going forward. If you have any other non-HD Ellipsis tablet version (7,8,10 etc) that game wouldn’t be compatible with your tablet any longer as those models don’t have the capability of using Android OS versions newer than v5.